We are chartered with the North Carolina Lutheran Men in Mission.  We would like to thank the congregation and our men’s group for all the support throughout 2015.  Our mission is for every man to grow in their faith and relationship with God.  We study from the Masters Builders Bible for Men and we grow together in our journey as we have fellowship, share personal testimonies, pray, and so on.  It becomes more clear the importance for men of all ages to have Christ in their lives.  Our group invites all men to get started in their journey to grow in faith and start their relationship with our Lord. 

The many things we were involved in are: preparing Easter breakfast, Daughters of God banquet, blood drives, treat bags, movie night, and we helped send our youth to the gathering in Detroit. 

Come and be a part of Sardis Men’s group.  We meet the fourth or fifth Sunday of each month.

 Respectfully Submitted,

Rick Johnson
Sardis Men’s President